Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Galactus – Unpaid Advertisement – MK Stangeland Jr.

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: Large panel stretching across the top of the page.

GALACTUS stands in the middle of NEW YORK CITY. Around his feet lay the defeated bodies of assorted heroes from any number of superhero teams, from THE AVENGERS to the FANTASTIC FOUR to THE DEFENDERS, etc.

GALACTUS: Now that I have swept aside its champions, I may finally feast on this wretched planet.

DEADPOOL: (Off-Panel) Not so fast, big guy!

Panel 2: DEADPOOL stands next to a colossal-sized SNICKERS bar, one that’s bigger than a large semi-trailer, complete with a giant wrapper.

DEADPOOL: Before you eat the planet, try eating this first!

Panel 3: GALACTUS curiously picks up the giant SNICKERS bar.

GALACTUS: What trickery is this?

DEADPOOL: No tricks, just treats.

DEADPOOL: (Yellow Box) Happy Halloween!

Panel 4: GALACTUS is chewing on a bite of the giant SNICKERS bar.


GALACTUS (2): For the first time since I can remember…

Panel 5: GALACTUS holds what’s left of the SNICKERS bar in his hand, but his face is an unusual sight for GALACTUS – he’s smiling, happy as can be.

GALACTUS: Galactus no longer hungers!

Panel 6: Long panel stretching across the bottom of the page. Landscape shot of Galactus sitting down in the middle of NEW YORK CITY as he happily finishes off the colossal-sized SNICKERS bar.


FLOATING WORDS (2): Grab a [Snickers Logo]

Panel 7: Small, circular panel set inside Panel 6 off to the right side. DEADPOOL sticks out of it from the waist up in a way where he may even stretch out into PANEL 6 a little.

DEADPOOL is smiling as best he can through his mask with a cheesy spokesman grin, and holds a giant 3-foot long SNICKERS BAR.

DEADPOOL (1): Now available in COSMIC FIESTA size!

DEADPOOL (2): (Yellow Box) For a limited time only at participating stores!



  1. A strange and bizarre pairing, but one that works so bloody well. Gooc pacing and funny beats make for a great gag page. Not what I expected for Galactus week but damn if this wasn't an enjoyable page.

  2. Oh man, you put a smile on my face. Reminds me of those Hostess Fruit Pies ads in 70's. And Deadpool just clinches the deal. Cosmic Fiesta Size, indeed. Well played, sir.

    1. I briefly did consider making it a Hostess ad, but in the end I decided that Snickers with their 'Fill you up' campaign style ("Hungry? Grab a Snickers", "You're not you when you're hungry", etc) was a much better fit for the eternally hungry Galactus.

  3. You're such a Diva when you're hungry Galactus :)


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