Thursday, August 29, 2013

Galactus – War and Feast – Shaun Richens.


We open on the scared and burning ruins of a once great and majestic futuristic cityscape. Three moons orbit the sun that hangs low in the sky.

Kree and Skrull bodies line the streets of this forgotten city. No one survived this battle.

Wars can ravage entire species. Wipe cities from the history books.

Row upon row of HYDRA SOLDIERS lines the streets. They all stand perfectly to attention as RED SKULL paces in front of them his arms folded behind his back.

Monsters can raise whole nations to their cause. They can try to change the world with hatred.

A well-dressed female news anchor sits behind a smart modern steel news desk as she goes live across the world. Cyclops wearing his marvel now costume, is the main image for an on screen box out that sits in the top right of the panel. Underneath him reads WANTED.

A hero can live long enough to become the villain in his own story.

The massive gloved hand of GALACTUS reaches out across the vast blackness of space past hundreds of stars and cups EARTH between his mighty fingers.

It is all insignificant when the rumble is heard.

None of it matters when the hunger comes.

When Galactus needs to feast.


  1. It's an interesting group of parallels you draw between the different Marvel icons and Galactus himself. Even though I was expecting something more cosmic, like your 1st panel, your 3rd panel was my favourite, and just rang true. Your 4th panel stopped me short, because as a reader, I don't know if it's actual or symbolic. Either way, though, it works.

    Again, not what I expected, but a really good page, nonetheless.

  2. I like how you build up with some major events of the Marvel Universe, only to show how insignificant they are in the face of Galactus.


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