Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kick-Ass - The Bystander Effect - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: In a car park, a mugger has paused in his beating of his victim to look at Kick-Ass, who has just wandered onto the scene. The mugger is not afraid, more unsure of the situation. (Note: This is set after Kick-Ass has become somewhat famous.)

MUGGER: Aw shit.

Panel 2: Kick-Ass, a little taken aback himself, strides towards the mugger.

KICK-ASS: Wh-What? Don't stop on my account. After all, you've got an audience.

Panel 3: Close-up of several apartment windows overlooking the car park. Some people are looking out, trying not to be seen.

KICK-ASS (O.P.): All these assholes just sitting there watching some dick beat a guy up, thinking, "Gee, somebody should do something about that," but not taking their fingers out their asses long enough to call the cops!

Panel 4: Kick-Ass has now reached the mugger, who is still paused mid-beating.

KICK-ASS: Well watch this...

Panel 5: Same shot, but now Kick-Ass whips out one of his batons and swiftly knocks the mugger out with it.



Panel 6: Wide shot, almost the onlookers' POV, looking down on the car park as Kick-Ass helps the victim up.

KICK-ASS: Every cut and bruise this guy has!? Every minute he'll spend in hospital recovering!? All the worrying his family will do!?

KICK-ASS: That's all on you guys too!

KICK-ASS: You don't need a fucking mask to do something, dumbasses.


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  1. Really well constructed page you have here sir. You spotlight the core reason for why Kick Ass does what he does in a clever, clear and rather witty manner. Brilliantly paced and built up to that final panel and line which hits bang on. I would read the heck out of your Kick Ass mini series buddy.


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