Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kick-Ass - The Fault in Our Stars, intermezzo - R.A. Wonsowski

Panel 1 - KICK-ASS on the ground, beat up, propped against a mailbox under a streetlight.  He's had seven shades of crap kicked out of him.  His costume is torn, he is bleeding profusely, fifteen or so purple-fletched arrows stick out of him like a pincushion, and one of his batons is sticking out of his toothless mouth.  One of the arrows has a note attached, reading "NO ONE takes my place.  EVER."


Panel 2 - The rooftop of CLINT BARTON's apartment building.  KATE BISHOP (in her Hawkeye gear) is doing a dorky-doofus impression of a "derp" KICK-ASS.  CLINT is watching and laughing heartily, wiping a tear from his eye.  He has his arm in a sling, an injury from a previous misadventure.  In the sky, we can see a Quinjet turn.

KATE:  "Duuh, my name is Kick-@$$...calling rapey villains ¿&*#$ makes me edgy and cool...KERK-ERSS!!!"

CLINT:'s funny cuz it's true...

Panel 3 - KATE hugs CLINT, both of them smiling.  The Quinjet is a closer to the roof now, and its hatch is opening.

KATE:  Got any final words of advice on Cosmic Adventuring?

CLINT:  Nah.  You'll be fine.  They wouldn't've picked you if they didn't think you had the stuff.  Believe me, I know. You'll be great.

Panel 4 - KATE boards the Quinjet, greeted by HELLCAT and MANTIS.  MONICA RAMBEAU can be seen waving to CLINT.  KATE and CLINT share that same one-eyebrow-up cockeyed expression.

CLINT:  Now go kick ass.

KATE:  Don't make me do your other arm....

Up next - a Galactic encounter...


  1. I like this script mostly for the meta humor from the inside joke that's happening.

  2. Sublime opening panel. It feels just gritty enough for Kick Ass, yet with a splash of humour because of the note you bridge from Kick Ass to Hawkeye seamlessly.

    Your meta commentary on Kick Ass as well as the behind the scenes character swap works perfectly, with your dialogue feeling natural and true to the characters of Kate and Clint. being fun and on tone, character wise is a difficult balancing act to pull off. You just happen to make it look easy.

    Add to that the fact you then throw us into these cosmic adventure without it seeming jarring is a slick move.

    I look forward to next week eagerly .


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