Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kick Ass - Heads Will Roll -Dan Hill


A nine panel grid.

Panel 1: A man runs down a deserted city street. He’s in his early 20’s and dressed in an immaculately tailored Italian suit that just cries ‘money’. Probably criminal money.

Panel 2: The man skitters into a side alley, looking over his shoulder as he does so.

Panel 3: The man skids to a halt, faced with a dead end.


Panel 4: The man has his back to the wall, turned towards the mouth of the alley. He holds his hands up. He’s terrified.  

1. MAN:         Oh, God. Please no.

Panel 5: Fixed panel. The man raises his hands some more, fear and hysteria enveloping him.

2. MAN:         Please, I’ll do anything, but--

Panel 6: Fixed panel. A katana swords cuts an arc from the left of the panel to the right, severing the man’s hands at the wrist and decapitating him in one swift motion. A geyser of blood shoots up from the neck.

3. SFX:         Thwwwwwush

Panel 7: We cut to Hit Girl, sword in hand standing in the alley. Her face and costume are soaked with blood. She looks down at her handiwork.


Panel 8: Fixed panel. Hit girl looks up, straight at us.

4. HIT GIRL:         What?

Panel 9: Fixed panel. As before.

5. HIT GIRL:         Did you see the way he was dressed?
6. HIT GIRL:         He was asking for it.

1 comment:

  1. Super solid action page. The use of the classic 9 panel grid really works with your snappy little cut shots and really highlights the visceral nature of the the scene.

    It is the use of frontality in that last page that really makes the page shine for me. Breaking the fourth wall by having Hit girl address us directly instantly reminds us that this isn't real, this combined with her witty one liner soften the brutal acts, giving them a surreal comedic effect á la something like A Clockwork Orange.

    Really cool page, I can't help but feel your re reading of Wild Children may have played into you breaking that fourth wall in such a classy way. A tip of the cap sir.


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