Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kick Ass – Perfect Punch – Brian Manton

[16 panel grid]

Two street thugs, Phillie and Needles, root through a handbag they have just stolen.  Kick Ass is approaching in the bkg.

OTS Kick Ass as he points a baton at them. They look at him, neither surprised or intimidated.

KA swings the baton but Phillie grabs it.

Phillie now holds KA's arm behind is back while Needles punches him in the stomach.

Phillie pushes KA towards Needles.

KA swings an uppercut landing it powerfully on Needle's jaw.

Phillie kicks KA in the ass and Needles hammer punches the back of his head with clasped hands.

KA is on the ground, facing us. He grabs Needles's leg. Phillie kicks him in the back.

Needles stamps on KA's face. Phillie makes an "oooh" wincing face.

Phillie and Needles move in front of KA obscuring our view as they both stamp on him.

They stop and look at each other, checking that they've each had enough fun with this.

Needles takes KA's batons. Phillie spits on KA.

13. Full bottom tier.
Kick Ass lying on the ground, battered and bloody, eyes barely holding open. His assailants walk away in the background.

A thought balloon extends from Kick Ass's head. The thought balloon contains the same shot as panel 6.

CAP:  Kick ass!


  1. Very well directed action piece. I feel you keep each panel simple enough that they could work small on the page and all fit in whilst staying clear.

    You end on a clever little moment as well. The thought ballon of Kick Ass remembering his only decent bit of fighting and thinking its 'kick ass' is a neat little look into the head of a teenage wannabe masked hero.

  2. I don't usually like fight scene pages, but given the character, this works very well. The ending makes it perfect.


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