Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lone Ranger – A Man with a .45 – Brian Manton

The Lone Ranger and Tonto ride into the small town of San Miguel (
The remains of the burnt-down Baxter home still smoulder at the end of the street.

CAP:  San Miguel.

The Ranger stares as he rides past the coffin builder, working on the most recent of a series of coffins lined up outside his shop.


OTS of the Ranger and Tonto. Silvanito stands outside his inn, hands on hips.

Silvanito:  You're late.


  1. Another nice mix of universe/canon.

    I dig the last beat/line of the page too.

    You could have maybe expanded on the idea a bit more, however.

  2. Like Dan says, it's a little brief, but there is an unspoken message of what happens when heroes are late to the action under the surface there.

  3. Inspired mixture of universes/canon as Mr Hill has already pointed out.

    The brief nature of the page really worked for me though. I saw this as three large page wide panels, really setting the scene, showing us everything we need to know. You build nicely to that great last beat. This would make for a perfect page one page turn.

  4. Hi Lads, thanks for the feedback. Always appreciated.

    I saw this with a big opening panel (Blueberry style Moebius, or Paul Pope, in my head).

    Was trying to think "cinematic" for this, so 8panel grid for widescreen. The opening panel takes up the first 6 for a wide establishing shot that pans down to the Ranger and Tonto entering the town. Then the bottom tier of two wide ratio shots.

    Agreed though, a bit light on story/characterisation for a TB entry.


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