Monday, August 12, 2013

Patsy Walker: Hellcat - Heads or Tails - Ben Rosenthal


Front on.  A Frost Giant stands before Hellcat, looking down at her.  We can see from behind Patsy as she meets the giant’s gaze.  Both of her arms are behind her back – she is holding an explosive device from the view of the Frost Giant.

CAPTION (Hellcat)
Magic and science. Same coin, different sides.

I tracked him here via his glimmer spell.

The science in my hands is going to send him home.


  1. Damn Rosenthal you write a wickedly strong splash. The visual is bold, powerful and full of small details that sell the whole thing. The captions are snappy but tell us everything we need to know, whilst being totally in character.

    This page could work in so many places in a story as well, it could be your big cold open on page one. Your final page cliff hanger or your brilliant mid issue page turn splash.

    Take a bow sir, what a performance.

  2. Cool page Ben. I agree with all of Shaun's comments.

    I think the last line could be a little stronger to tie up the page. Maybe a pun or just something to add to Patsy's characterisation.


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