Monday, August 12, 2013

Patsy Walker: Hellcat - It's A Living - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Patsy Walker stands in front of her office door.  It is a stereotypical private investigator forsted glass door.  She looks quite upset and frustrated, which is perhaps unsurprising considering that lettering obviously misspell her first name, reading:
Pasty Walker
Occult Investigator

CAPTION (PATSY): I never imagined myself restarting the old business, but when you're a superhero for a living, sometimes you want to get back to basics.

PATSY: Oh, come on!

CAPTION (PATSY): Relatively speaking, of course.

2 - Patsy stands up from her desk to shake the hand of the client she's meeting with.  The client looks frightened and worried, but Patsy is all confidence, smiling broadly.

CAPTION (PATSY): I hadn't realized how much I'd missed it.  Part of it was being happy doing something I was good at.

CLIENT: You sure you can help?

PATSY: It won't be a problem.

3 - Patsy is in a dank looking basement fighting a group ghosts.  She's trying to cast a spell from a big ol' spellbook, which doesn't seem to be working terribly well at the moment.  In response, the ghosts are trying to blow her off her feet with their ghostly lung powers.

CAPTION (PATSY): I rarely had any difficulty finding those pesky ghosts and ghoulies my clients were so worried about.

PATSY: Mali Spiritus Exierit!  Mali Spiritus $@%&# Exierit!

4 - Back in Patsy's office.  The group of ghosts, along with a host of other assorted monsters, demons, and the like crowd the room.  They're not causing outright destruction, but they're clearly a mischievous lot.  Some throw papers from her filing cabinets.  Others play catch with her cell phone.  Others still light a small fire in the corner.  That sort of thing.  For her part, Patsy is kind of overwhelmed, slouching into her office chair in despair.

CAPTION (PATSY): The hard part, as I soon realized, was finding ways to get rid of them.

PATSY (quietly): This is a problem...

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