Thursday, August 15, 2013

Patsy Walker: Hellcat - The Kitty Cat Club - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: Large. An elegant, very up-market nightclub. Various characters are lounging around, drinking milk, cleaning themselves, etc. -- including Catwoman, Catman, Black Cat, Tigra, Cheetah, Black Panther, and any other feline-themed heroes/villains you can think of. Plus, Patsy Walker, of course. She looks slightly uncomfortable.

CATWOMAN: How you guys feline?

BLACK CAT: Just purrfect.

CATMAN: I'm tired. Might go for a catnap.

BLACK PANTHER: You must be dog tired!


TIGRA: God damn it, Panther...

PATSY: You know, I might not be into this as much as you guys are...

Panel 2: The club door opens to reveal Black Canary, looking very awkward.


Panel 3: Reaction shot of the crowd, from Black Canary's POV. All, except Patsy, look menacing.

CATWOMAN: You just walked into the wrong club, pretty bird.



  1. Oddball concept, but heck isn't that just so very comics. This is light hearted and breeze. You play this for pure laughs and each panel made me smile and hit me with a little joke and gag. Lovingly crated gag page sir that really works.

    You do funny better than I think I ever could.


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