Saturday, August 17, 2013

Patsy Walker – Should be Sleeping – Brian Manton

Patsy, four years old, asleep in bed. A stuffed Tigger keeps her company.
Mostly cropped from frame, we can make out the top of her Defenders bed sheets (Namor, Hulk, Dr Strange).

Same shot. The Tooth Fairy flies into frame - a sparkling trail of light marks her path.

The Tooth Fairy stands by the pillow, lifting it up and reaching under.
Patsy, eyes still closed, smiles a big grin - revealing a missing front tooth.

Patsy has lifted her head and looks right at the Fairy, who is holding the tooth from under the pillow. The Fairy is startled.

Patsy:  Hi!

Profile view.
Patsy is sitting up in the bed, knees tucked into her chest.
The Fairy looks confused.

Tooth Fairy:  You can see me?

Patsy:  I can see all you guys.

Patsy is counting on her fingers all the mythical creatures she has seen (two fingers in this frame as she is cut off)
The Fairy has flown a little closer and looks interested.

Tooth Fairy:  Us guys?
Patsy:  Yeah... the Easter Bunny, Santa--

The Tooth Fairy takes up the same pose as Patsy (arms around knees, tucked into chest), perched on Patsy's knee.
Patsy furrows her brow, giving a serious appraisal of Mr. Claus's character.

Tooth Fairy:  You've met Mr. Claus? What's he like?

Patsy:  Jumpy.

Wider shot. We can see the slightly cracked open door with some light shining through from the hallway.
Patsy lies back down in the bed and pulls the covers tight around herself.
The Fairy waves goodnight.

Patsy's Mother (from outside the room):  Patsy? Did you call me?

Patsy (whispers):  I gotsta sleep now. See you next tooth!


  1. Oh good lord, there is so much cuteness in here, I may go diabetic. And yet, completely endearing. I love how Santa is described as "Jumpy" and the complete childlike face-value acceptance of it all (which I think is MISSING from today's comix, but I digress).

    P.S. DEFENDERS bedsheets?!? Sweet Mother McCree, they have to be Buscema-era! I must HAVE TAKE MY MONEY!!!

    In conclusion: Awesome. Put another way, I read this to my boys, 9 and 6 yrs old, and they both said they would read this comic. Well done.

  2. Wonderfully cute. Great characterisation in the descriptions.

  3. Thanks lads, glad you liked it.

    Ray - it's especially cool that your kids enjoyed it :)

  4. Mr Manton way to bring the high levels of adorable. Whimsical, funny and light hearted take on the character. One that is the perfect combination for an all ages book.


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