Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Patsy Walker:Hellcat - Eye of the Beholder - Dan Hill

Page One

Page One, Panel One
    WIDE PANEL: a panoramic establishing shot of Stonehenge, dawn, the sun beginning to rise. A light drizzle is falling.

1) Caption: It looks miserable, I know.

2) Caption: They tell me England always looks miserable.

3) Caption(Elsa): “I don’t see anything.”

Page One, Panel Two
WIDE PANEL: The visitors car park to Stonehenge. A lone RANGE ROVER is parked up. We can see two FIGURES stood on the roof. One of them is looking through a pair of binoculars.

4) Elsa: You sure they’ll be here?

5) Patsy: I’m sure.

6) Caption: It doesn’t look so bad from here.

7) Caption: (Present company excluded)

Page One, Panel Three
    CLOSE UP on the figure with the binoculars. It’s ELSA BLOODSTONE. She’s wearing a tactical/special ops type costume underneath a long dark overcoat. She looks wet and miserable.

    8) Elsa: I hate this place.

    9) Caption: Some people can see the way a machine works.

Page One, Panel Four
    CLOSE UP on PATSY WALKER. She’s stood next to Elsa on the roof of the Range Rover. Both of them are looking towards Stonehenge. Patsy doesn’t need binoculars. She's wearing her costume beneath a similar dark overcoat, the mask off.

    10) Caption: Like a diagram or a chart in their head.

    11) Patsy: Pipe down, Elsa. They’ll be here.

Page One, Panel Five
    WIDE PANEL: CLOSE UP on Patsy’s eye, we can see swirls of colour and outlandish, otherworldly shapes reflected and dancing on the surface of her eye; a mere hint of what she can see.

    12) Caption: Me? I see colour, I see battles fought and lost, I see worlds and realities that shouldn’t exist.

    13) Caption: I see magic.

    14) Caption: (I think I’ll like it here)


  1. As usual your choice of location is unexpected yet perfect, so well described and vivd and just so very much you.

    In one page you create a moody atmospheric set up with a sly undercurrent of dark humour. You pace out your beats like a master and hit us with a wonderful moment that instantly makes us want to make that page turn.

  2. Great setting and character choices here. I like the close on her eye.


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