Monday, August 5, 2013

The Lone Ranger - Modern Day - Ben Rosenthal

1.   Current day: A SWAT team consisting of 6 agents enter a darkened building.

CAPTION (Ranger)
We got the tip off from an anonymous source.  That should have been the first warning.

2.  The team is ambushed and outnumbered.  They are gunned down. 

CAPTION (Ranger)
Bartholomew "Butch" Cavendish is the cities Kingpin. We had a chance to take him down. 
He knew it and struck first.

3.  One of the members wakes up in a house in the slums.  A teenage boy looks down on him, tending to his wounds.

CAPTION (Ranger)
My team – my brothers were gunned down.  I survived only because of a good natured kid.
Turns out I saved him from his crack-head father a few years earlier.

4.  Sometime later the Ranger sits on his bed, cutting up his bullet ridden SWAT shirt into a mask.

CAPTION (Ranger)
He fed me. Patched me up.
I taught him some moves in return.

5.  The Ranger stands in an alley looking up at a tall building on a rainy night.  The child at his side.  He is the modern day Lone Ranger.

CAPTION (Ranger)
Butch Cavendish killed me that night.
The Lone Ranger will return the favour.


Hi ho Silver.


  1. Damn cool idea, played out excellently, and in appropiately dark modern style here. I want more of this!

  2. I like the concept but felt it could have done with a bit more description of what your reimagined Tonto and Lone Ranger looked like.

    1. I agree with Dan, I would love to have a more detailed description of who your Ranger and Tonto is. Especially in this modern-day-urban setting, is the Ranger black/hispanic/asian? Is Tonto spanish for "dumb" or a term of endearment for a sri lankan in tamil? Does ethnicity matter at all?

      Doesn't take away from the strength of your Lone Ranger Remix. This is a supremely cool idea that just begs to be explored. All the possible parallels to the Western legend that could be done (train robberies on the subway, for instance.) You set up so much potential, it is a rich beginning you set up here that begs to be continued.

      Sweet script, Ben...

  3. I am with everyone else on this, LOVED the set up and premise of the idea, I just wanted more. I guess thats the sign of a good writer though, when your audience only complaint is, "can we have more please" you're doing something right.


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