Sunday, August 25, 2013

Why Galactus?

A hero, any hero, is measured by the challenges and threats they face, and none with a capital NONE get any bigger than Galactus.

Galactus was born when the previous universe "crunched" and produced the Big Bang.  He gestated in a kind of egg until an intergalactic war woke him up.  His long hibernation had produced a hunger so great, he devoured both sides.  From the remains of the planetary system, he created his worldship, and began traveling the universe searching for worlds to consume.

Eventually, his travels led him to the world of Zenn-La, where Norrin Radd offered himself to act as his herald, to search out appropriate planets for Galactus, if Galactus would spare his world.  Galactus agreed, and since then, has always had a herald working with him.

A herald is born...
Each herald is given a portion of the Power Cosmic, a sliver of the vast energies within Galactus himself.  Galactus must feed on life-rich worlds to convert into life-rich Power Cosmic to ensure what he has termed as the Great Balance.  Basically, his actions make sure that neither Eternity nor Death gains too great a fingerhold on our universe; a world must die so that others may live.

Of course, Stan and Jack's immortal Fantastic Four 48-50 brought Galactus to our world, and Earth was now one of a select few worlds that stayed his hand.  Galactus has continued to devour worlds since then, and is a source of terror to all sentient beings.

Devourer of Worlds
Now, as a result of the recent Age of Ultron event, Galactus has the Ultimate Marvel universe to feed on.  But with no Galactus in our universe, there is no more balance between Eternity and Death.  Now two universes are in peril, and that tale is being told in the new mini-series, HUNGER, followed by CATACLYSM.

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