Sunday, August 18, 2013

Why Kick Ass?

There is something of a tradition we have around theses parts.

Whenever a comic book related movie is being released, we here at Thought Balloons try and coincide it with the main character (or villain) as the character choice for that week.  This pretty much sums up why Kick Ass was chosen this week.

Now, the real question is do we do this in order to tie in with the movie and get extra hits to the page, or for another reason which I can't think of right now but doesn't make us sound as desperate for your attention?

You decide...



  1. Panel 1
    Black. Sort off a title strip.

    CAPTION (musical): He-ey, he-eh-eh-eh-ey, he-eh-eh-eh-ey!

    Panel 2
    Close-up. Kick-Ass' escrima stick hits a THUG's mouth, shattering it. THUG looks like he's in a lot of pain and his eyes are bulging out.

    BG MUSIC: Your lipstick stains
    On the front lobe of my
    Left-side brains

    Panel 3
    Close-up. Hit-Girl's pistol blows up the head of another THUG. Brain parts splattered everywhere. THUG, btw, is wearing a classic Train Robber's Mask (black hankie covering the mouth).

    BG MUSIC: I knew I wouldn't forget you
    And so I went and let you
    Blow my mind!

    Panel 4
    Close-up. Side-view. Hit-Girl's sword punches through another THUG's chest. I know it's not physically possible (or is it?) but let's go over-the-top and put the THUG's HEART at the tip of the bloody sword.

    BG MUSIC: I'm so obsessed
    My heart is bound to beat
    Right out my untrimmed chest

    Panel 5
    Close-up. Kick-Ass' escrima stick hits a THUG right in between the legs (in the groin!). THUG tries to cover it but is just too late.

    BG MUSIC: I believe in you
    Like a virgin, you're Madonna

    Panel 6
    Close-up. Kick-Ass' escrima stick hits the same THUG right at the side of the head. Blood splatter everywhere. THUG's eyes falling out. Blood splurting out of mouth (also some teeth if possible), nose, eyes and ears.

    BG MUSIC: And I'm always gonna wanna blow your mind!

    Panel 7
    Zoom out. We are in a TRAIN. The cabin is empty except for KICK-ASS and HIT-GIRL, standing side-by-side, and four THUGS lying dead either on the ground or on the seats. The scene is very bloody. Kick-Ass looks like he's trying to get something from his ears through the eyeholes(?) in his mask (he's removing his earphones). Hit-Girl is carrying a sword on one hand, and a pistol on the other. And don't forget the HEART on the tip of Hit-Girl's SWORD!

    BG MUSIC: Hey soul sister
    I don't wanna miss
    A single thing you do

    HIT-GIRL: Is that Train?
    KICK-ASS: What? It's appropriate!

    NOTE: Sorry...

  2. Over the top, bloody with a strange vein of humour running right through it. This is so very kick ass!

    Matching up the lyrics to the panels added a nice layer and your setting playing into the artist again made for a nice gag. Nice little page.

    One note. You state the thug is wearing a mask in the second panel he is in, i'd move that up. Also best to describe a character as soon as they enter, best way to avoid art continuity errors.

    1. Oop. Actually, the THUG in each panel (except 4 & 5) are different THUGs ("another"). Sorry for the confussion. I should've numbered them.
      And, THANKS!


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