Sunday, August 4, 2013

Why The Lone Ranger?

By John Cassaday

He wears a mask.

He fights crime.

He has a sidekick.

He has an iconic mode of transport.

He has a cave hideout.

He has seemingly unlimited wealth.

He has a strong moral code, including no killing whatsoever.

No, it's not who you're thinking of, it's the Lone Ranger. The legendary western hero created for radio, but who also inspired several TV shows, novels, films and, of course, comic books. A little before capes and cowls, the Ranger stood in the grey area between the law and the lawless, fighting for justice and upholding a belief in a better world during America's dark, formative years.

Well-educated sharpshooter and Texas Ranger John Reid and his posse were ambushed while hunting a criminal gang, and only Reid survived. Nursed back to health by a wandering Native American called Tonto, Reid dons a mask -- symbolising that he stands for all the Rangers killed that day -- and sets out for not vengeance but justice. Along with faithful Tonto, trusty steed Silver, and a silver mine at his disposal, Reid, now the Lone Ranger, sets out to light up the darkness.

Hi-yo, Silver, away!

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