Monday, September 2, 2013

Armor - A Matter of Time - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Establishing shot.  Hisako sits on a park bench looking up at birds flying overhead.

CAPTION (HISAKO): Some days it's not so bad.

2 - Move in closer to Hisako.  Still looking up, she wears an expression of satisfied wonder.

CAPTION (HISAKO): If I'm being honest, that's most days at this point.

3 - A shot of the birds flying up above.  Maybe focus on one in particular, perhaps off-centre in the panel, with the possibility of other birds flying by in the background.

CAPTION (HISAKO): But sometimes I can't help but wonder what could have been.

4 - Return to a similar shot as in panel 2.  Hisako looks down, a resigned (and maybe a little tired) expression now on her face.

CAPTION (HISAKO): While most of the pain has dulled.

5 - Return to a similar shot as in panel 1.  Hisako is up and walking away from the bench and the park.  She continues to look down.

CAPTION (HISAKO): That's an ache that's never going away.


  1. Wow. A very subtle page that shows those still-present pangs of loss over Wing. Nice personal moment.

  2. I really love pages like this. A subtle slow burn. We get a glimpse at the inner thoughts and emotions of a character who is meant to be super tough. You play with some beautiful imagery and captions, but leave just enough to the readers own mind that you pull us in even more.

    Lovely page.


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