Monday, September 2, 2013

Armor - What Defines You? - Ben Rosenthal

1.  Close up of Hisako’s eyes.  They are closed.  Her armour is not up.

CAPTION - Hisako
We've heard it time and time again – “it’s not your powers that define you, but the way you choose to use them’.

2.  Her eyes are open now, with the psionic armour forming over them.

CAPTION - Hisako
I have impenetrable psionic armor.  Impenetrable.

3.  Hisako is standing in the Jean Grey School’s gardens.  She is holding a bomb looking device in her hands with the armour forming over it as well.  The bomb is on the inside with her.  The countdown reads 00:00:02.
In the background Beast is holding back Logan as he is trying to get to her.  Beast looks sad, but is accepting.  Wolverine is anguished – an arm stretched out towards her.

CAPTION - Hisako
That means nothing can get in.

4.  Black panel.

CAPTION - Hisako

Nothing can get out.


  1. Yeesh, this is a powerful page. It's a great inversion of Armor's usual use of her powers, but the background characterisation of Wolverine and Beast really packs a punch too.

  2. Holy crap, Ben...


    ...just kinda hard to read while peeling onions...

    Seriously, you broke me in 4 panels.
    (slow clap + *sniff*)

  3. Quite possibly my favourite thing I have ever read from you Ben. This feels like your writing firing on all systems. In just 4 panels you give us a gripping scene, set the stakes, show us character depth and connection plus hit us with a well deserved and real emotional punch. Top, top stuff sir.


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