Saturday, September 7, 2013

Armour – Omega – Brian Manton

Japan - a pink forcefield covers one third of the country. The field is similar in shape to the “head” of Hisako’s armour.

The command centre of the tactical base “Jump Point Delta”. An aged Nightcrawler, blue fur tinted grey in places, suits up in military combat gear. There is a large metal implant in the side of his head. Professor Xavier sits beside him, his hand placed reassuringly on Nightcrawler’s. In the background Beast and Forge (again, both older) look over calculations on a whiteboard. Also in the background are the Stepford Cuckoos, each wearing a Cerebra helmet. We can see charts and maps on the wall with concentric circles that show the progression of the forcefield. Marked 2013 is the innermost circle, about the size of a city. The outermost circle is marked 2031.

Nightcrawler stands before the vast wall of the forcefield, silhouetted in the pink light.  Rubble surrounds the edges of the field. (It has pushed everything in its path outward as it has grown. Here, most of this has been cleared away.)

Nightcrawler has just teleported to the inside of the forcefield. The bodies of other teleporters (Cable, Spiral, The Vanisher, The Spot) surround him. The bodies have the same implant in the skull. Everything is bathed in a pink light.

Nightcrawler kneels in the middle of the crater created when Hisako first went Omega, 18 years ago. Grass and flowers have started to grow again in places. He holds Hisako in his arms. We can see the sky is blue.

CAP (Nightcrawler):  Heavenly Father, forgive me for what I have done.


  1. Jee...


    In all seriousness, this is a phenomenal use of X-Men time travel conventions. Your opening shot establishes the story and mood in one shot, and Nightcrawler is the perfect pointman for this story (which it sounds there is A LOT of). The last panel is a perfect "I gotta turn the page" doozy. Well done page, sir...

  2. I want to read what happens next!! Great page.

  3. This feels like a huge story with a ton of elements all weaved together for this epic tale and I LOVE it. You throw us into this vision of the future and taken on a heartbreaking adventure in one wonderfully pace page. Give me more of this now sir, I am hooked!


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