Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Armour -Under My Skin -Dan Hill


WIDE PANEL, a street somewhere in downtown New York. It’s early evening and rain lashes down from the heavens, neon shining through the downpour.

    CAPTION:        “I thought you’d understand.”

Push in on a doorway at the bottom of a set of steps below street level. The door lies open, with a burly looking man with some serious ink, a shaved head, a wife beater and a pair of leather pants slumped unconscious against the doorframe.

The leather pants are horrific. He probably deserved it.

    CAPTION:        “Well, I don’t. So spell it out for me kid.”

CUT TO a CLOSE UP on a worried, weaselly looking man in his late twenties. He wears a bandana and a black vest. He also has some serious ink. He looks up worryingly at three familiar blades coming in from the top right of the panel.

    CAPTION:        “I’m not a kid anymore.”

CUT TO a close up on LOGAN. He’s wearing a leather jacket and jeans. He looks angry.

    LOGAN:        Well, you’re acting like it.

    VOICE (OFF):        It’s armour okay--

WIDE PANEL, CUT TO a medium shot of HISAKO sitting in a leather chair. We can see that we’re in a dingy looking tattoo parlour. The weaselly looking guy sits nearby, a tattoo gun shaking in his hand.

HISAKO is wearing a wife beater too and is now sporting a half sleeve tattoo (something like this maybe https://lh3.ggpht.com/-fQQocoHiJBA/UXDqAxlknZI/AAAAAAAABMg/7HisKh4sr_U/s400/koi-fish-tattoos-7.jpg).

    HISAKO:        Just a different kind.


  1. I'm of a mixed opinion about this one, Dan...on the one hand, you nail that teenage-slash-young-adult, search-for-self ennui. But on the other hand, I'm not clear as to the connection between a tattoo as protection or what the koi is supposed to symbolize for her.

    Not bad, just not as strong as other pieces you've done...

  2. This feels like a personal page to me. Like you're saying something not just about the character but using her as a vessel to explore thoughts and emotions that everyone can relate to. The whole page feels a little uneasy, as if something is bubbling just under the surface. I kinda really dug this.


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