Saturday, September 14, 2013

Killeroo – Blood Worth Bottling – Brian Manton

Close on Killeroo, lighting a cigarette.

Killeroo:  I mean, you've got to see this from my point of view.

Same shot. Killeroo exhales smoke.

Voice (OP):  I can't move.

Killeroo:  Think about it...

Same shot. Killeroo is disgusted by the thought of what he is saying.

Voice (OP):  I... I can't feel my legs.

Killeroo:  I just waltz in to the nearest boozer and say... that?

Wide shot. Killeroo leaning against a WELL.

Voice (from inside the well):  Please, just go get help!

Killeroo:  Not happenin', Tim.


  1. Ha! I could very easily picture this scene. That final panel is my favorite. Nice job!

  2. Another great story in a single page. Possibly the closest to the character so far, too.

  3. I took me a couple of read throughs until it clicked, well at least I think I did. This is a clever and savvy homage to Skippy and goes a long way to showing us the reader what Killeroo is like in just a handful of panels.


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