Thursday, September 12, 2013

Killeroo - Desperate Times - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: Killeroo sits in front of a cluttered desk in a small, cheap-looking office. He looks annoyed.

KILLEROO: I'm sick of this small-time indie stuff. You're supposed to be my agent; get me something big, with Spider-Man or Batman or something!

Panel 2: Killeroo's agent sits on the other side of the desk. He is a skinny, sweaty man dressed garishly. His body language and facial expression are over-confident.

AGENT: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I'm not made of Spider-Mans! You gotta work up to his level.

AGENT: Right now, your choices are either: stay in a well-respected but low-paying indie comic... or do some really tacky mainstream stuff.

Panel 3: Two-shot of Killeroo and his agent. Killeroo looks defeated.

KILLEROO: Fine! I'll take whatever I can get.

AGENT: I dunno, mate, this is really tacky. Very cliched, stereotypical Aussie crap. I don't think the writer's even heard of you...

KILLEROO: I said fine!

Panel 4: Large. Killeroo stands in the middle of an action shot, grumbling and fuming. He is wearing one of those bush hats with the things hanging off them, and wields a boomerang. A scantily-clad woman, actually called Sheila, stands next to him, over-acting. In the foreground, an anthropomorphic koala laughs maniacally over some kind of doomsday machine.

SHEILA: Eeeek! Crikey, Killeroo, our shrimp's on the barbie now! Koala Kommander's gonna destroy the world's supply of Fosters!

KILLEROO: (small) I'll never badmouth indies again...



  1. haha I started laughing at "well-respected" and kept laughing right to the last panel! Nice job :)

  2. Great last panel. Another funny script JD!

  3. Ha! I could totally visualize this entire page. Love the last panel.

  4. A pure joy to read. Each panel added character to the piece whilst pushing the story forward, and you managed to cram a gag into pretty much every panel as well. This flows so naturally and with a wicked pace. You have a real gift for fast paced funny pages sir. Could see you writing some incredible book ups for Image.


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