Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Killeroo – Not Called Ninjas For Nothing – MK Stangeland Jr.

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: KILLEROO is lying face down on the ground, he’s just out of the water on a shoreline near NEW YORK CITY. While he’s alive, it’s clear that he’s received quite the beating, and looks bloodied up and filthy. A ninja star might stick out of his back somewhere.

KILLEROO: (Text Box) Something is very wrong with this picture.

Panel 2: KILLEROO has just barely picked his head up out of the sand to try to get some sense of where he is.

KILLEROO: (Text Box) Where did I go wrong?

Panel 3: Flashback panel, with KILLEROO in Australia. He looks fine and is reading a piece of paper.

NARRATION: One week ago…

KILLEROO: Turtles? They want me to kill mutant turtles? Like those slow shelled reptiles?

Panel 4: KILLEROO smirks to himself as he throws the crumpled up paper over his shoulder.

KILLEROO: That’ll be the easiest job I ever done.

KILLEROO: I can’t believe how much they’re offering for it.

Panel 5: Back to the scene from panels 1 and 2. KILLEROO lets his face fall back into the sand.

KILLEROO: (Text Box) Oh, right. I remember now.



  1. Now that would be one hell of a crossover - awesome! :)

    1. Also awesome: getting a comment on a Thought Balloons script from the person who created the character you wrote a script for :^D

  2. I want this to happen in real life so much it's ridiculous. :) Great job!

  3. Like Dans page, this is a zany idea and its the confident way you write the page that sells the whole concept and makes me feel like 'of course this this is exactly what should happen'.


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