Saturday, September 14, 2013

Killeroo - Saltwater Mambo - R.A. Wonsowski


Panel 1 - In the background, we see a small, one-street outback town.  Looks kinda like something out of a Sergio Leone spaghetti western.  One clapboard building has a painted sign that says "SALOON" with the requisite swinging doors.  Foreground, a wooden painted sign that reads "Welcome to SALTWATER.  Pop. 419"

SoundFX (from saloon):  KSSHH!!  BLAM!  BamBAM!  OW, demmit...

Panel 2 - Same as Panel 1.

SoundFX (from saloon):  kaBLAM!! *whud*  kchak-CHAK!  whBO-O-OM!  OHMYGOD!!

Panel 3 - Same as Panel 1,except the doorway and windows flare bright white and yellow.

SoundFX (from saloon)  buh-WHOOOOMMM!!!

Panel 4 - Same as Panel 1.


Panel 5 - Same as Panel 1, except, pushing open the saloon swinging door as he exits, is a bloodied-but-unbeaten KILLEROO.


Panel 6 - Same as above, except a KILLEROO is walking toward us, he's in between us and the sign.  He is dragging behind him the corpse of a recently beaten-the-hell-outta SALTWATER CROCODILE MUTATE, wearing street gang clothes and bandana.


Panel 7 - Same as above, except KILLEROO is standing in front of the sign, as he seems to be writing on it with his blood covered hand.


Panel 8 - Same as Panel 1, except KILLEROO is exiting stage left, dragging the MUTATE corpse behind him.  The sign now reads "Welcome to SALTWATER.  Pop. 419 398"

KILLEROO:  ...croc wankers...


  1. I love me a good western, and this is minimalist badass western at its best.

  2. Great choice to keep the action off panel, made it somehow funny yet more brutal. The gag with the population on the sign was gold and you nailed Killeroos send off line. Great use of repeat panels to build up the right pace. It takes a confident comic writer to fix the panel off and just let the action play it, but it is used to perfect effect here.


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