Sunday, September 8, 2013

Killeroo - The Stones of Karantjiirinja - Ben Rosenthal

I have a 40 page Killeroo story coming out later this year.  As such I thought it would be cool to give you page one of my story - The Stones of  Karantjiirinja.  

PAGE One     

1.  Night.  The moon looms large over scrubland.  In a clearing within the scrub is a small beaten down shack to the left of the panel.  Just off centre of the panel, to the right are silhouettes of three men against the large moon.  They are walking towards the shack.  One carries a shovel (Sid), one a chain (Bob) with the leader empty handed (Jacko).  They are walking single file and are all between the 30-40 age bracket.  They look like your typical Australian outbacker – flannel shirts and by no means in good health.  Jacko has a beer gut and looks like a bully. Sid is very skinny and frail looking with Bob thin, but not so much as Sid.  All are  35-40 in age.

You sure about this Jacko?

2.  A close up of Jacko – he is the leader of the group.  Big and burly, he looks confident of his decision to walk towards this shack.

You heard the man, Sid.  You really want a freak like that on the loose?  What if it decides to attack someone at night, eh?

3.  A close shot of the other two men.  They do not look as confident as Jacko.

No, but I mean...some half animal half human thing?  Sounds like the kinda thing we should just leave alone.

The old shack has been abandoned for years anyway.  Let’s just head back to the pub yeah?

4.  Jacko is standing by the front door of the shack facing Bob and Sid.  Their backs are to the reader.

If you ladies wanna head back to the pub that’s fine.

5.  A front shot of the three getting ready to rush the shack.  Behind them is the large, imposing silhouette of Rufus.

I’m gonna snag me a freak.


Ans as an added bonus here is some preview art for the story, drawn by the uber talented  Emmanuel Hernaez.


  1. Super solid opener. You establish your three goons quickly, giving each distinctive features so they all stand out. Then you throw us straight into the dirty hard edged world of Killeroo. Can't wait to read the other 39 pages.

  2. Oh, this is so good. I can't believe I didn't know about Killeroo before this week, but I am now determined to get caught up!


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