Monday, September 9, 2013

Killeroo - Stylin' and Profilin' - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Close-up of Killeroo's eyes.  He's wearing sunglasses, but he's lowered them with one hand to get a better look at what's in front of him.  His eyes betray an expression of mutual parts confusion and disbelief.

KILLEROO: What are you?

2 - Over the shoulder shot of Killeroo, looking upon the Spruce Moose.  The Spruce Moose is like Killeroo, but as his name suggests, is part moose instead of part kangaroo.  He is also impeccably well-dressed, wearing a three-piece suit, fancy dress shirt, matching pocket square, some exciting socks, and some boss dress shoes.  Not necessarily this, but in that kind of ballpark.  He could even have some thick rimmed glasses, moose facial hair, and possibly a cigarette in his mouth.  He is pretty easy going, leaning casually against his equally fancy car, possibly with his jacket over his shoulder, suspenders showing.  You get the idea.

SPRUCE MOOSE: I'm the Spruce Moose, and buddy, you need my help!

3 - The Spruce Moose opens the passenger door to his car, motioning for Killeroo to get in.

SPRUCE MOOSE: Hop in and I'll explain everything on the way.

4 - Killeroo is standoffish, not having any interest in this weirdass moose who isn't explaining anything.

KILLEROO: Listen, mate.  I don't know what your story is, but I don't need no help from nobody --

SPRUCE MOOSE (interrupting): You've misunderstood

5 - A small, vertical panel that is just sfx.


6 - Repeat panel 4, but Killeroo isn't nearly as standoffish anymore, seeing as the Spruce Moose has pulled a gun on him, pointing it directly at his face.  Killeroo raises his arms in an act of non-agression, signalling that he'll do what Spruce Moose wants - at least for now.

SPRUCE MOOSE: I said, "Hop in."


  1. I dig Rufus' attitude here, and the lingo :) Nice job.

  2. Wonderful characterisation. You develop and show us the reader a lot about Spruce Moose in a single page, you also manage to use him as a means to bounce Killeroos own personality off so we get hints about what both these guys are like. Well crafted.

    Having a panel that is just a SFX is a cool technique as well. Makes for a nice visual beat that cues up your change in pace with the reveal of the gun.


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