Monday, September 30, 2013

New (Kinda) Tenured Writer!

Dan Hill has left Thought Balloons.  With him he leaves a void that will never be replaced.....until I finish this sentence.

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome out new (old) tenured writer (back) to the fold - one of my founding brothers SIMON MCDONALD!

For those of you who may not remember Sime, here is the bio he sent me -

Simon McDonald

You might've seen Simon's name around these parts before. Years ago, he was one of Thoughtballoons's founding writers - until a cataclysmic continuity-destroying event altered reality. Thankfully that didn't work out, and history has been reset, signalling his return to the site. When he's not flitting between multiverses, Simon divides his time between his day job at TheReadingRoom ( and chipping away at an assortment of prose. You can read occasional updates on his blog WrittenBySime ( or follow him on twitter: @writtenbysime

Welcome back, old chum.  Looking forward to reading your words once more.

Also, a reminder to all of you wishing to join our ranks - keep on submitting script sunder the current weeks character Why post.  It's how everyone here (besides Sime and I) got the gig AND you get feedback from your peers!

Puppet Overlord.


  1. Welcome back (my friends - to the show that never ends - we're so glad you could attend - come inside, come inside).

    ...It was either that or "well, you know, my name is Simon" from Captain Kangaroo...

    ...showing my age...shutting up now...ANYwho, welcome home, sir.


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