Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Predator -Foo Fighter -Dan Hill


WIDE PANEL, a shot of a long dark corridor bathed in shadow. A few bodies can be seen strewn about at various intervals down the corridor.

    CAPTION:        “What the hell are you?”

    CAPTION:        “Come on...lets get a closer look at you.”

CUT TO somewhere in the depths of the facility, and a CLOSE UP on SGT ROCK. His face is partly bathed in shadow but a strip of light cuts across his eyes suggesting he’s looking at the scene before him from the ventilation system.

    SGT ROCK:        Awful lot of activity, whoever you are.

ANGLE ON BULLDOZER (Rock’s second in command), close to him in the vents.

    BULLDOZER:        Ah geez, boss, you seein’ what I’m seein’ ?

WIDE PANEL from Rock and Bulldozer’s point of view. We’re looking out of the ventilation system into the main area inside one of the hangar buildings.

The majority of the panel is taken up by a PREDATOR SHIP surrounded by scaffolding and a team of NAZI ENGINEERS. They’re trying to cut the ship into sections, to reverse engineer it.

A few yards away we see an OXYGEN TENT, the flaps at the end open a few feet.

    CAPTION:        “ ‘Fraid so. Looks like we have a visitor.”

INSET PANEL on the bottom right of 22.6; a CLOSE UP on the inhabitant of the oxygen tent, an injured but very much alive PREDATOR.

    CAPTION:        “I thought they’d be greener.”


  1. Heh. Excellent use of WWII-era flying saucer myth and superstition. Long live Rock.

  2. You pull together a bunch of threads from all over pop culture to craft a page that is better than the sum of its parts. I feel that each panel has so many nods and winks to the audience, whilst taking itself just seriously enough to come across as earnest. I really enjoyed this one Dan.

  3. I had a similar "crossover" idea, also with a DC Comics series, but this one is grander in every sense. I really wanna read this whole thing now.

  4. Really enjoyed this page Dan. Would love to read the full story.

    That last line is spot on. Great work.

  5. As Brian so accurately points out, that last line sells the whole thing. A perfect crossover that nicely infuses a lighter tone than the Predator series normally has. I like it a lot.


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