Thursday, September 19, 2013

Predator - The Hunter Becomes the Hunted - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: One of those desert rock formations from John Ford westerns; the ones that are perfect for ambushes. It is night, but we can make out a figure scrambling up the rock side.

(NOTE: The Narrator's dialogue is all in caption boxes.)

NARRATOR: Even the tamer tales of the life and times of infamous bounty hunter Jonah Hex are not for the faint of heart.

NARRATOR: This particular story, however, will not only chill the blood of the hardest men, but test the limits of belief for the sanest as well.

Panel 2: Closer up now. Hex has reached the top of the rock he was climbing, and is pulling himself up onto it. We now see that he is shirtless, covered in mud, beaten up and bloody. He has his usual permanently pissed-off expression.

NARRATOR: It's a matter of both fact and legend that wheresoever Hex went, death and gunsmoke were sure to follow

Panel 3: Hex walks cautiously to the edge of the rock to look down on the valley below.

NARRATOR: While most folks would steer clear of a man with such a reputation, there were some for whom Hex had made himself a target -- a trophy waiting to be claimed. To kill a man like Hex would elevate their own reputation.

Panel 4: Close up on Hex (his "bad" side). Behind him, over his shoulder, against a flash of lightning in the sky, we see the outline of the invisible Predator.

NARRATOR: Many such wouldbe trophy-hunters had sought to bag Hex as their prize, and failed gruesomely in the face of Hex's superior skill. It would seem that there was no match for him; no predator to make him prey.

Inset: Close up on Hex's holstered pistol as he draws back the hammer.

SFX: (small) crrrik

Panel 5: Two-shot. Hex, still crouched, spins on his heel and draws his pistol as the Predator decloaks, standing proudly before Hex. This is the first time they've seen each other so close, hence their hesitation.

NARRATOR: At least...

NARRATOR: ...none on this Earth.

Panel 6: Close up of the fully-decloaked Predator as he regards Hex with curiosity.

PREDATOR: [alien text]*

CAPTION: *"You are one ugly [UNTRANSLATABLE]"



  1. Cool crossover JD. Predator in a John Ford movie!!!

    Also, nice turnaround on the untranslatable :)

  2. Excellent choice in bringing Mr. Hex into the mix, J.D. Your penchant for the character shines through as you create something that rings true to both Hex and Predator mythologies. I particularly liked how your slow burn both masks and telegraphs the Predator reveal.

    Bonus points for turning around that phrase.


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