Monday, September 16, 2013

Predator - Most Feared - Ben Rosenthal

1.  A panel showing a close up of a male Predator, mask on hunting in a futuristic lab somewhere in space.

The most feared and dangerous hunters in the galaxy.

2.  The Predator has come across two aliens – they look non threatening and are cowering in a corner.  The Predator has its arm cannon raised.

They hunt for trophies.  To both show they are the best---

3.  A close panel of the arm cannon firing.

4.  In the foreground are the burnt bodies of the now toasted aliens.  The Predator is reaching to take its mask off.  Now that we can see it’s full body it appears to be wearing some type of clothing under all of its advance weaponry.

--and steal technologies to remain the best.

5.  The mask is off revealing not a Predator face, but that of a human.


No other race stands a chance.


  1. It was man all along!!!

    Somebody's getting ready for next week's pick, heh. While it is an interesting concept, it does feel a bit cliche too.

  2. I had a friend in Texas that maintained that this would be the only way the Predator series should end. Glad to see the theory is sound. I love the inhumanity revealed as human beat at the end. I agree with JD, it is cliché, but clichés tend to be rooted in very basic truths - which is why they work. The REAL trick is to subvert those truths.

    To sum up: really good page. P.S. This would make a great flash forward intro to a bigger story of how we beat these things and took their place. It's a great hook.

  3. Cliche but really solid idea, this notion of Man being the ultimate horror is a classic horror vision of ourselves. If I'm honest I'd have loved to see this page play out minus the captions. You tell us everything we need to know in the panels, the captions made it seem a little b movie to me. Minus the captions the panels seem horrific and make that final reveal puncher for me anyway.

    Also Ray makes a cool point that this would make for a great opening page hook for a series.

  4. I'm with Shaun on this one. You've done all the heavy lifting in the panel descriptions so it would certainly hold without the captions. Nice page!

  5. I actually really dig the captions - especially that final one. I'm a sucker for "man as the ultimate evil" stories, so this one is right up my alley. Well done, Ben.


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