Sunday, September 15, 2013

Predator – Trophy – Brian Manton

Wide landscape shot of a dojo, in flames.
On the left, a Predator in full battle gear. A number of arrows protrude from his shoulder through a gap in the armour.
The Predator's arm is raised, pointing his gauntlet-mounted gun at a Samurai (panel right) who wears his full ornate armour.
Various Samurai weapons are mounted on racks on the back wall.

Front CU of Samurai, who wears a menacing full-face Somen mask.

Same shot.
The Samurai unties his mask...

Same shot.
... to reveal a weathered, battle-hardened face.

Front view of the Predator, gun still raised.

Same shot.
Gun lowered, the Predator begins to detach his helmet. Steam hisses from the joints.

Same shot.
We see that he is One Ugly...

Wide Panel. Low shot from behind the Samurai. The Predator stands before him, ready to fight.
We now see the Samurai's arm - he is wearing a Predator gauntlet - familiar dual blades shunt out from it.


  1. Very interesting set-up, with everything "said" without words. The final panel reveal just amps it up and retroactively informs the rest of the piece.

  2. Wow, you nailed my favourite beats in a single page. Samurai? Check. Face-off-showdown? Check. Sci-fi goodness, including samurai with predator gauntlet? Check, check, and check. Silent no-copy page that speaks louder than words? Check and mate.

  3. This is a truly beautiful piece of comic craft. Each and every panel pushes the story forward, revels hints and clues about the build up to this moment and gives us hints and clues that just leaves us wanting to know more. Blisteringly paced with some lovely panel transitions. Solid gold start to the week.

  4. Thanks for the feedback, lads. Much appreciated.

  5. Really solid silent page you have here, Brian. Love the way it builds and develops over the course of the page, slowly illustrating the respect between warriors before that final conflict between the two.


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