Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Predator - Worlds Deadliest – MK Stangeland Jr.

(If you’ve seen Predators, imagine that, but with Marvel characters, and you’ll get a basic idea of what’s going on here.

In this case, the characters who have been abducted and dropped into an alien jungle are PUNISHER, BULLSEYE, TASKMASTER, ELECTRA, BLACK WIDOW (YELENA BELOVA), KRAVEN THE HUNTER, WINTER SOLDIER, and NICK FURY (though this one is an LMD).

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: PUNISHER has one of his guns pressed up against BULLSEYE’s head as he’s waiting for someone to give him a reason not to pull the trigger, while BULLEYE is looking at him defiantly as though he’s practically daring PUNISHER to try to kill him.

PUNISHER (1): Give me a reason not to.

BULLSEYE (1): Go ahead and try. I know you don’t have it in you.

PUNISHER (2): You don’t think I’ll do it?

BULLSEYE (2): I’m sure you’ll try.

BULLSEYE (3): But seriously, Frank, when is the last time you killed a villain with real street cred?

Panel 2: Everyone turns to look at KRAVEN, who is off-panel.

KRAVEN: You will let him live if you wish not to die.

Panel 3: KRAVEN stands in the foreground. While his head looks up and forwards, his eyes are pointing off to a corner, as he’s pretty sure he knows someone is there but he doesn’t want them to KNOW he knows there there.

KRAVEN (1): We are being hunted.

KRAVEN (2): We will not survive if we are at each others throats.

Panel 4: In the foreground, a cloaked PREDATOR stands on a large tree branch watching the assembled heroes and villains. In the background, KRAVEN continues to stare out into the jungle.

BULLSEYE: What you talking about…

KRAVEN (1): Am hunter.

KRAVEN (2): I should know when I am being hunted.

Panel 5: Close up on the helmet of the cloaked PREDATOR. A ‘reflection’ of sorts can be seen on its helmet, in which KRAVEN is returning to the group but looking over his shoulder in the PREDATOR’s direction.

KRAVEN (1): I have been in many a jungle.

KRAVEN (2): This is like none I know of.

KRAVEN (3): Whoever put us here, they most certainly have advantage. Must act as pack if we are to outhunt them.

Panel 6: PUNISHER lowers his weapon from BULLSEYE while the rest approach KRAVEN, recognizing that it’s probably a good idea to listen to his advice.

TASKMASTER (1): I swear, if this is a Mojo thing, I will gut that fat %&$^@%* like a Thanksgiving Turkey.

 ELECTRA: Mojo? You don’t think it could be Arcade?


TASKMASTER (3): That little twerp? Nah, this is out of his league.



  1. Great choice of characters here MK. Perfect line up for this sort of story.

  2. I like the cast you've assembled, and Kraven as the voice of reason works really well. My one qualm is that Taskmaster's comic relief at the bottom feels a little out of place. I think focusing this page on Kraven rallying the troops and saving that moment until even the next page would have worked better (though admittedly we wouldn't have seen it...).

    1. Yeah, that's probably a moment I would have saved for another page if I were writing this as an actual to-print script. Sometimes, when you only got one page to work with, you find yourself inclined to stretch things a little.


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