Monday, September 23, 2013

The Twilight Zone - Inconceivable - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Establishing shot of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.  It's a beautiful day.  A day for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

CAPTION: Imagine, if you will, a political arena where elected officials are neither interested in partisan bickering nor in the wider concerns of big business lobbyists.

2 - Interior of the House of Representatives.  A debate is in full swing, with one politician standing, in the midst of finishing their speech.  Everyone else on-panel seems to be giving their full attention, listening to every word offered.

CAPTION: A place where the primary goal lies instead in bringing together differing views and beliefs in an ongoing effort to determine and enact the best policy for the nation as a whole.

REPRESENTATIVE: ...which is why I believe this is the best course of action available to us at the moment.

3 - The debate now over, another politician comes over to speak with the interlocutor from the previous panel.  The second person shakes the first's hand enthusiastically.  Both are quite cordial to the other.

CAPTION: Where citizens can rest assured that debate is informed, nuanced, and most of all, open-minded.

SECOND REPRESENTATIVE: That was excellent.  I'd never considered the question from that persp--

OFF-PANEL VOICE (interrupting loudly): CUT!

4 - Similar scene as panel 3, but pulled out slightly to reveal that the whole thing is taking place on a film set.  It is not an episode of The Twilight Zone but the filming of one.  Lights, cameramen, the director, and various other workers and instruments are set up just beyond the border of what was the previous panel.  The two politicians / actors are in a similar position, but look towards the director, annoyed.  The director is mighty frustrated, shouting at everyone.

DIRECTOR (1): We're supposed to be telling stories that are at least somewhat credible.

DIRECTOR (2): I don't know how this one got approved, but it will never fly.

5 - Focus on the director, who is now motioning to everyone that they're giving up on this story.

DIRECTOR (1): Forget it.  Let's nix this and go with that family of Frankensteins script.

DIRECTOR (2) (quietly): least that one's plausible.


  1. Probably for the best. As great as such a world might be, I've got a feeling that such a story would probably be kind of boring.

  2. Neat twist, and very meta. Good stuff!


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