Sunday, September 22, 2013

Twilight Zone -Roots -Dan Hill


CLOSE UP on a FOOD CRATE swaying slightly, suspended by a pulley and rope (

    CAPTION:    “He knows now. He knows how it’s all supposed to play out.”

A close up on MELVIN LEVY, a goofy but confident Jewish kid in his early twenties. He’s wearing a US ARMY uniform. Around him we can see palm trees and a blue sky. Levy is performing some kind of skit, doing an impression of an officer and pulling a funny face.

We’re on the island of Leyte, circa 1944.

    CAPTION:    “This is the 425th iteration of this event. This isn’t some time loop, paradox or alternate dimension.”

We pan around to see Levy’s audience, a crowd of laughing US ARMY TROOPS, falling about themselves with laughter.

A young, dark haired and intense-looking PRIVATE in the audience is the only one not laughing.

    CAPTION:    “These are the young privates nightmares, nightmares he’s had every day since Melvin Levy told his last joke.”

Back on the CRATE as it falls free of the rope holding it.

    CAPTION:    “He’s seen every possible way this event could play out. But he knows he’s powerless to stop it from happening the way it did.”

   CAPTION:    “This is how it was supposed to be.”

We CUT TO a shot of ROD SERLING talking to us/camera, dressed in his trademark suit and tie.  Behind him we can see Leyte and the palm trees as all of the SOLDIERS rush forward, crowding around the decapitated corpse of Melvin Levy.

The dark haired and intense-looking PRIVATE remains exactly where he is.

    CAPTION:    “These are Private Serling’s first steps…”

Push in on SERLING.

    CAPTION:    “...into the Twilight Zone.”

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  1. Brilliant script, Dan. You've once again done a brilliant job of mixing historical fact with your creative fiction to produce a whole that is greater than its parts. A great use of Serling's personal biography to speak to his later accomplishments.


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