Sunday, September 8, 2013

Why Killeroo?

Created by Darren Close, Killeroo first appeared as a one page insert in an Australian comic magazine, in 2003. Close with the help of a number of other Oz writers and artists produced Killeroo Book 1, which led to many of those artist being hired by DC, Marvel and Dark Horse.

Killeroo is Rufus - a genetically altered humanoid kangaroo with anger management issues who travels the outback.

Close has had this to say about the success of his creation:
"Killeroo started out as just a one-page university magazine strip, but over the years has become something of a proving ground for Australian comic creators - many of which have gone onto become pros. I’ve really enjoyed the collaborative process of working with writers and artists on half a dozen Killeroo books, with many more currently in development."
With Killeroo: GANGWARS (and anthology of short stories written by some of Australia's best up and coming writers and artists - including Thought Balloons alumni Ryan Lindsay and Simon McDonald) fast approaching release and another 40 page tale written by Thought Balloon's own Ben Rosenthal coming out before the end of the year, Killeroo is certainly a character to watch.

How will the writers from different parts of the globe interpret this Australian creation?  FInd out all this week!

And if you would like to read more of Rufus and his journeys you can purchase them here -


  1. Okay. I am going to try this again. I was not familiar with Killeroo before this, so thank you for giving me another character to obsess over. ;)

    Panel One: Close up of KILLEROO'S eyes, narrowed, steely gaze looking straight ahead.

    Panel Two: Close up of blue eyes, bushy eyebrows, clearly scowling.

    Panel Three: We see a pulled-back version of panels one and two. KILLEROO and WOLVERINE are facing off . The scenery behind them looks suspiciously like the campus of the Jean Grey School. Both have assumed a fighting posture, KILLEROO holds a ridiclously large gun at the ready; WOLVERINE has his claws out, fists clenched. Both have lit cigars in their mouths.

    Panel Four: Continuing the staredown from Panel Three.

    Panel Five: WOLVERINE: sheathes claws -- “Eh, f^%k it. Beer?”

    Panel Six: KILLEROO (smirks) “Beer.”


    1. It's probably a good thing those two were able to come to an agreement - I can't see that fight ending well for Killeroo.

      BTW, Welcome to Thought Balloons!

    2. No, probably not, but I figured he'd act like a badass nonetheless, and Wolverine would respect that, at least.

      Thank you!

    3. Fun idea that you work well. The parallels between Wolverine and Killeroo are elements I had never noticed, but you craft a neat page because of them.

      The page builds nicely and I love the fact you pull a swerve at the end and don't have them fight, the resolution of them having a beer together makes for a much more compelling and interesting ending, and also one that I feel is much more in keeping with who these characters are.


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