Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Agent Coulson – Agent Coulson Facts – MK Stangeland Jr.

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: Two SHIELD scientists stand behind a table with what appears to be an LMD designed to resemble AGENT Coulson. The scientists are looking at each other and shrugging.

TEXT BOX (1): SHIELD tried to make an LMD of Agent Coulson once.

TEXT BOX (2): They failed, because there can only be one Agent Coulson.

Panel 2: DEATH and AGENT COULSON are looking each other square in the face.

TEXT BOX (1): Agent Coulson almost died once.

TEXT BOX (2): He then intimidated Death into letting him live simply by staring at her.

Panel 3: AGENT COULSON is standing over a KOed SQUIRREL GIRL.

TEXT BOX (1): Squirrel Girl has the power to beat anybody in a fight.

TEXT BOX (2): Agent Coulson has the power to beat Squirrel Girl in a fight.

Panel 4: AGENT COULSON is standing near an assembled team of AVENGERS, and is drinking a cup of coffee.

TEXT BOX (1): Agent Coulson needs no Superpowers.

TEXT BOX (2): Being Agent Coulson IS a Superpower.

Panel 5: AGENT COULSON is wearing a space suit and punching NAZIs in space. The design of the image should suggest the scene is taking place during World War II.

TEXT BOX (1): Agent Coulson was…

AGENT COULSON: (Off-Panel) Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to stop right there.

TEXT BOX (2): …

Panel 6: Background should be a match to PANEL 5. In the foreground stands AGENT COULSON, who is looking straight out towards the reader – or rather, the person who wrote the comic in the first place.

AGENT COULSON (1): Believe me, I’m doing you a favor.

AGENT COULSON (2): A rip-off of an old meme that wasn’t very funny in the first place?

AGENT COULDON (3): I’m rather disappointed. You can do better. Much better.


AGENT COULSON (4): Now if you’ll excuse me.

Panel 7: Panel is a match to PANEL 5, with AGENT COULDON having left.

TEXT BOX (1): …

TEXT BOX (2): (As small as possible while still being readable) Agent Coulson can interrupt his own comics as he pleases.

AGENT COULSON: (Off-Panel) I heard that.

TEXT BOX (3): …



  1. That was so delightfully meta, and very well done, MK. The last panel just sells it.

  2. Super meta and super fun. You play it straight just long enough to pull me in before you the switch to the meta commentary which, along with the last panel, really sells me on the page.


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