Saturday, October 5, 2013

Agent Coulson – Unable to Deliver – Brian Manton

Full page splash


Nick Fury stands in a cargo bay inside the helicarrier. He holds a crowbar by his side. In the other hand he holds a clip board. On the clipboard we see a delivery manifest. Fury is, as ever, furious, grinding a stubby cigar in his teeth.

A manual labourer in a Shield-branded jumpsuit stands in front of him, intimidated.

Hundreds of Shield-branded coffin-sized crates are being loaded and stacked in the BKG. More workers in Sheild jumpsuits oversee this operation, operating forklifts, cranes and trolleys.

Three of the crates lie open near fury. One flat on the ground and two upright. Packing foam litters the floor. Most of the foam packing has fallen from the upright crates to reveal Life Model Decoys of Agent Coulson. Amongst the packing foam on the ground we see a booklet that reads “Life Model Decoy. Instruction Manual.”

Fury:  I am not signing for these.


  1. Ha! Pretty funny one-page joke. Somewhere out there, there's an army of Coulsons... Thank God they're on our side.

  2. I am amazed at what you managed to assemble here, with a joke that basically runs off six simple words backed by a single splash page.

    Great job with this one.

  3. Oh man, this is so great. My favourite of the week.


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