Monday, October 14, 2013

Arkham Asylum - Arkham Horror Story - Ben Rosenthal

1.  A woman, Amanda Mandris (new character) stands at a corner inside Arkham Asylum.  She is dressed in a white lab coat, with sensible casual clothes underneath it.  To her side, cowering behind her is an attractive, jock-type male (Benny Thompson - new character).  He is scared.  Amanda, while also scared is thinking logical about the situation.

What's going on?  How did this happen?

We're in Arkham Asylum.  The place that has held at some point almost every super villain on the planet.

2.  Reverse angle - A large hall.  It shows bodies on the floor while others try to flee.  The inside is contorted, as if the walls themselves are moving.

Psychopaths, mystics and who knows what else have all come here to have their madness treated and assessed.

3.  View of the outside of Arkham.  It is alive, moving and and changing.  'Fingers' made of tree roots grab and stab at some villains as they run from the horrifying site.

It was only a matter of time before all that power and madness manifested in other ways.


  1. Good set-up, idea, and imagery, but what elevates it is the use of original characters. If it was, say, Batman and Robin, we'd be like "Oh, they'll be fine." As it stands, we have no idea what will happen to these two.

  2. Love the idea behind this, Ben. That third panel is killer.

  3. I agree with Simon. That last panel sells the idea. + M.C. Escher walls are always fun :)


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