Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Arkham Asylum – Batman of the Asylum: Minders, Keepers – MK Stangeland Jr.

(If you remember my script from our BATMAN week last year – or take a moment to go back and read it - you’ll get a sense about what’s going on here.)

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: We are in ADMINISTRATOR DR. JAMES GORDON’s (ADMINISTRATOR GORDON) office inside of ARKHAM ASYLUM. GORDON is sitting behind his desk.

Also present are DR. HARLEEN QUINZEL (DR. QUINZEL), who is sitting in one of the two chairs opposite ADMINISTRATOR GORDON’s desk, and DR. BARBARA GORDON (DR. GORDON), who is standing. DR. QUINZEL has a couple of files sitting on her lap.

DR. GORDON: Administrator, I must state my objections to you allowing Mr. Hood to be admitted here.


DR. GORDON (1): Dad, please.

DR. GORDON (2): We’re both on duty right now, so if we could please keep it professional?

Panel 2: Panel is set from behind ADMINISTRATOR GORDON as the conversation continues.

ADMINISTRATOR GORDON: My apologies, Doctor Gordon.

DR. GORDON (1): Thank you. As I was saying, the man is an incredibly dangerous psychopath.

DR. GORDON (2): Arkham is not a proper facility for treating him.

DR. QUINZEL: Excuse me, Dr. Gordon, but Mr. Hood is not the dangerous killer he once was.

Panel 3: DR. QUINZEL looks through a file – if enough of the files exterior can be seen, the name ‘JACK HOOD’ should be listed on it somewhere.

DR. QUINZEL (1): If you bothered to read Mr. Jack Hood’s file – as you suggest you have – you would know full well that while his grip on reality is still lacking, his treatment has come a long way.

DR. QUINZEL (2): May I remind you that a state-certified panel of experts have asserted that he currently feels a great deal of remorse for his past crimes, a far step removed from his original state as a ‘dangerous psychopath’.

Panel 4: DR. QUINZEL point as DR. GORDON with the file as she talks in the direction of ADMINISTRATOR GORDON.

DR. QUINZEL (1): That Arkham Asylum was nominated as the facility at which Mr. Hood should continue his treatment should speak very highly of it.

ADMINISTRATOR GORDON: I recognize as much.

DR. QUINZEL (2): However, if Dr. Gordon wishes to bring up a concern about my patient, might I remind her of one of your own.

Panel 5: DR. QUINZEL opens a second file. If the exterior can be seen, this one should read ‘BRUCE WAYNE’.

DR. QUINZEL (1): Mr. Bruce Wayne.

DR. QUINZEL (2): Though, if I’m not mistaken, he’s more commonly referred to as ‘The Batman of Arkham Asylum’ at this point.

DR. QUINZEL (3): If I’m further not mistaken, he portrays his delusions upon everyone present at this facility.

DR. QUINZEL (4): And the way he does so has led to concerns that should Mr. Wayne and Mr. Hood interact in any fashion, the results could be…

DR. QUINZEL (5): …devastating.



  1. Really cool idea MK. The dialogue might be a little word heavy to fit on the page (but you have the administrative banter down).

  2. I admit, I was hoping you'd do a sequel to that earlier script, and I was not disappointed. You capture the characters perfectly, and set up the scenario well, but I still would have liked to see Bruce and "Jack" together. Maybe a future script...?


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