Sunday, October 13, 2013

Arkham Asylum - No Escape - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: Establishing shot of Arkham Asylum, looking as ominous as ever.

BRIGGS (CAP): "Tell me about Arkham Asylum."

Panel 2: POV from across an interview table. Harley Quinn sits on the other side, wearing a straightjacket. Her hair is in pigtails and she has crudely tried to recreate her mask with make-up. She cocks her head, as if talking casually.

HARLEY: This is the last place I expected to fall in love. I mean, it doesn't seem like the kinda place where love is found, ya know?

CAPTION: Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

CAPTION: "Harley Quinn."

CAPTION: Former psychology intern, Arkham Asylum.

Panel 3: Same POV. This time, Jonathan Crane sits in the chair, also straightjacketed. He has a bag over his head as a makeshift Scarecrow mask. He stares coldly out the eyeholes.

CRANE: There is fear at first though. Always fear. But the longer you stay, the less you fear.

CAPTION: Dr. Jonathan Crane.

CAPTION: "The Scarecrow."

CAPTION: Former staff psychiatrist, Arkham Asylum.

Panel 4: Same POV, this time it's Lyle Bolton, the C-list villain Lock-Up. He wears a straightjacket too, but with heavy restraints as well. He has an intense look on his face.

BOLTON: Y'see, Doc, all that stuff about Arkham's "revolving door" isn't quite true. We keep getting out, sure, but we keep coming back, don't we?

CAPTION: Lyle Bolton.

CAPTION: "Lock-Up."

CAPTION: Former Chief of Security, Arkham Asylum.

Panel 5: Same POV, this time Hugo Strange in the straightjacket. He has a wicked grin.

STRANGE: Arkham Asylum eats away at your identity, Doctor, until there is nothing of yourself left. Until you cannot live outside these walls. Until you are Arkham.

CAPTION: Professor Hugo Strange.

CAPTION: Former Head of Psychology, Arkham Asylum.

Panel 6: Same POV, now Jeremiah Arkham. Again, in a straightjacket. He has drawn a black skull on his face and is laughing maniacally.

ARKHAM: My great-great-uncle knew it when he had this place built! Even he was swallowed up by the madness within!

ARKHAM: You see, Doctor, no one really escapes the asylum...

CAPTION: Dr. Jeremiah Arkham.

CAPTION: "Black Mask."

CAPTION: Former Administrator, Arkham Asylum.

Panel 7: Reverse POV. Dr. Briggs, a young psychiatrist who has been conducting these interviews. He looks extremely nervous.

ARKHAM (O.P.): Not even the staff!

CAPTION: Dr. Simon Briggs.

CAPTION: Staff psychiatrist, Arkham Asylum.

CAPTION: 27 days sane and counting...


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  1. Great page J.D.

    It suggests a really interesting story to follow.


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