Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kate Bishop - The Fault in Our Stars, Epilogue - R.A. Wonsowski

In case you didn't remember, over the summer I tried my hand at cosmic adventuring.  Just in case you missed it:
Part 1IntermezzoPart 2Part 3

So, when Kate comes back home...

Layout:  4 rows of 2 panels each.  Setting:  the basement of Clint Barton's building.  A naked light bulb dangles from the ceiling.  Each panel is a two-shot, CLINT on the left, KATE on the right.  They are shooting at us (as if we were behind the paper targets they are practicing with).  CLINT's bow arm is still in a plaster cast, but is no longer in a sling.  Both are in sweatpants and running shoes.  CLINT is wearing a NY Islanders hockey jersey, KATE is in a T-shirt that says "i'm with bro" with a cartoon glove pointing at CLINT.  CLINT's expression will change from panel to panel, but KATE should be deadpan almost all the way through.

Panel 1 - CLINT has shot his arrow.  KATE is notching hers.

CLINT:, what happened then?

SoundFX:  Ffff--Tmp.

KATE:  The Cathedral ships fell into the fault as it closed.  Once "Evil Adam" was cut off from his power source, the rest was a mop-up.

Panel 2 - KATE has shot her arrow.  CLINT draws his shot.

CLINT:  (beaming with pride for his protegé) Unbelievable.

KATE:  Yeah, I have to say that was pretty close to being the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me.

SoundFX:  Ffff--Tmp.

Panel 3 - same as Panel 1.

CLINT:  (mock-angry) You're kidding me?

SoundFX:  Ffff--Tmp.

KATE:  What?

Panel 4 - same as Panel 2.

CLINT:  (still mock-angry)You go off into outer space, with two Captain Marvels, and fight two Adam Warlocks, who are leading an alien church congregation...

CLINT:  ...which is sacrificing Galactus to squid-creatures from another dimension, because I dunno what...

SoundFX:  Ffff--Tmp.

Panel 5 - same as Panel 1.

CLINT:  (still grinning in disbelief) ...and that's not the weirdest thing ever to you...

SoundFX:  Ffff--Tmp.

CLINT:  ...I'd love to know what takes the top spot...

Panel 6 - same as Panel 2.

KATE:  Well, there was that long flight home, and no one brought a deck of cards...

SoundFX:  Ffff--Tmp.

KATE:  ...Boomer and I were still rushing off the adrenaline...sweaty, y'know, things...happen...

Panel 7 - same as Panel 1, except CLINT's eyes are wide and his jaw is dropped as his shot has gone wild.  KATE is smirking to herself as she draws her shot.

KATE:  ...and then Gamora showed up with that bath oil, and saw us, and then...well...

SoundFX:  ffFFF-KkSsH!!

Panel 8 - CLINT's arms are hanging to his sides, one hand holding the bow, the other hand empty.  His eyes are still wide as he looks blankly ahead.  KATE shoots, still smirking smugly.

KATE:  Ohmygod, Clint, you're so easy....

SoundFX:  Ffff--Tmp.

KATE:  Looks like you owe me a Coke...

CLINT:  Sorry.  Brain broke.  Please leave a message at the tone...

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