Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kate Bishop - No Hands - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: Two-shot of Clint and Kate, tied to chairs, their backs to us. They face each other, arguing. In the background in front of them, MODOK throws his arms up in annoyance. Two AIM guards flank him with big laser rifles.

CLINT: I'm just saying, I know I did everything right--

KATE: What, you're doubting me? Let's compare reputations, shall we?

CLINT: Ugh! Look, we can't afford any mistakes on this one.


Panel 2: Reverse angle; MODOK's giant head in the foreground. Clint shoots him a casual glance.

CLINT: We're talking here, Humpty.

KATE: Everything's primed, ready to go, all planned out. No mistakes.

Panel 3: MODOK, further annoyed, gets close to Clint and Kate.

MODOK: Bah! You are my captives!

KATE: Not for long, Donkey Kong.

MODOK: Without your bows and arrows, you are nothing!

Panel 4: Split-screen, showing two bows rigged up to a mechanism that will fire an arrow from them. One is nocked with an ordinary arrow, the other with an explosive tip. They both have timers which are now at zero.

KATE (CAP): See, in the Girl Scouts, they taught me to always be prepared.

Panel 5: Same as Panel 1, but now there's an arrow shooting in and cutting Clint and Kate's bonds, with another striking MODOK and exploding, also knocking out his guards.



MODOK: Gaaaaah!

Panel 6: Same angle. Clint and Kate stand up and dust themselves off.

KATE: Even with no hands, I'm a better shot than you.

CLINT: Yeah, yeah...



  1. I like this page, in that if Hawkeye was a Sunday paper comic strip, this would be a great gag bit. Fun script.

  2. Excellent page JD. The first panel is a great intro to the characters, already arguing. Captures their relationship well.

    In the last panel I was really expecting:

    Clint: Girl scouts?

    Kate: Shut up.



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