Monday, October 7, 2013

Kate Bishop - Shaggy Dog Story - Grant McLaughlin

No particular point in continuity in mind.  I guess potentially set in LA after Kate gets a place to chill at?  I'm not picky.

1 - Some biker dudes are kind of hassling a woman outside a bar.  Let's say they're grabbing at her arm and purse and so forth.  She's obviously worried about this and they're clearly jerkbags.  Some of them turn to look at the source of the off-panel voice yelling at them.

WOMAN (unattributed): lemme go

KATE (off-panel): Hey!

1 - Switch angles to be behind the group of biker dudes, now looking at Kate (who is kind of middle of / across the street).  They've kind of paused in their woman hassling, although she's still there.  Kate points at them accusingly, a serious look on her face.

KATE: It's clear that you losers aren't above roughing up women, so why don't you pick on someone who's calling you names?

3 - Same angle.  The bikers start moving towards her and there are more than initially appeared. On the plus side, the woman is running off.  Kate is unphased, reaching for her arrows.

KATE (quietly) (1): Huh.  Lot more of you than I thought.

KATE (2): 'Sokay.  I'll just grab one of my trusty...

4 - Pseudo-inset / overlaid panel.  A close up of Kate's quiver, which is empty.

KATE (off-panel, tailless): ...

5 - Lucky is looking as ashamed and bashful as only a dog can.  Kate is holding up bedsheets which have puke all over them.  She holds them in a way that obscures her face and most of her upper body.

CAPTION (KATE): Where the heck are my arrows?

KATE: Ugh, what did you eat to make you sick up like this?

6 - Guys close in around Kate.  She slumps her shoulders, rolls her eyes, looking both tired and annoyed.

KATE: Futz.

7 - Back at the apartment.  Kate is walking in the front door.  She is kind of beat up and looking rather unhappy.

KATE: Lucky!

8 - Lucky runs over and jumps up on Kate the way dogs do when they're happy to see their person come back home.  Lucky is all kinds of excited, and his enthusiasm is rubbing off on Kate, who is cracking a smile.

KATE: Alright!  I'll forgive you!

9 - Back on the streets.  The biker dudes Kate tussled with are all beaten the heck up, potentially laid out in a circle with their backs to each other, although I'm also partial to the chaos of them laying where they fell.  Let's say there's a note (ala Spider-Man) visible to the reader that reads:
"To: Police
From: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Hawkguy"

CAPTION (KATE): ...but this isn't nearly as endearing as you think!

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