Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kate Bishop - What's in a Name? - Ben Rosenthal

1. A fully body shot of Kate.  She  is sitting at a bar in a crowded club enjoying a drink by herself.  She is having time out from dancing.

2.  A guy has walked up next to her - he's a sleazy douche.  Leaning on the bar is is obvious he is trying to crack on to her.  Kate in the mean time has picked up a coaster from the bar and is looking at it, ignoring the douchey guy.

Hey sexy, what's your name?

3.  Kate has thrown the coaster at the ground so it will hit the ground on it's side.  The guy hasn't noticed.  The trajectory tells us that the coaster is about to hit him in the privates.

4.  The guy  is reacting to being hit at a great force by the coaster in the privates.  Kate has her back to him, headed back to the dance floor.


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