Monday, October 28, 2013

The Shadow - Due Reward - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Night.  Establishing shot of Gracie Manor, the Mayor of New York's official residence.  There are few lights on within.  The night is dark and stormy.  A moody and atmospheric time.

MAYOR (from within manor): No!

2 - Interior.  Worm's-eye view.  We are now inside the manor.  Frame the shot to show a crumpled letter lying on top of other, unopened mail in the foreground and the mayor running in a panic up the entryway stairs in the background.  Most of the letter should be unreadable, but a few choice words like "bribes", "kickbacks", "graft", and the like should be decipherable.

MAYOR: No...

3 - The mayor bursts into his office, looking towards the painting above the fireplace.  It is on hinges and hangs open, revealing a secret safe behind it.  However, the safe is also open.


4 - The mayor goes up to the safe itself to look inside.  There are maybe one or two dollar bills, but it has been emptied out.  The mayor looks on in horror.

MAYOR: Nonono!

5 - The mayor slouches onto the ground, grimacing wildly and slamming his fist into the ground in frustration.  He looks a right mess.

MAYOR: No!  No!  No!

OFF-PANEL VOICE: That's right.

6 - Reverse angle to reveal The Shadow looking down upon the prostrate mayor!  Partially obscured by the house's many shadows, he stands menacingly, his piercing glare cutting through the mayor.  The mayor is pretty darned scared.

THE SHADOW: The Shadow knows!

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  1. I like the wordplay here, and it's a punchy, if a bit basic, page.


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