Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Shadow - Where Evil Lurks - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: Overhead view of a dark alleyway. A young couple is being mugged by two street toughs. One of them holds a gun. They are unmasked. The couple is afraid. (Note that this whole page takes place in the Shadow's original 1930s setting.)

SHADOW (CAP): It is easy to see evil when evil chooses to reveal itself.

Panel 2: An apartment building. One of the muggers from the first panel stands at the open door, handing over some cash reluctantly to a shady looking landlord. A depressed woman clutching a small baby is in the background.

SHADOW (CAP): But while it is easy to think of good and evil as a simple matter, such things are rarely black and white.

Panel 3: Out on the street. The landlord is handing some money to a couple of gangsters who grin smugly.

SHADOW (CAP): When one considers the larger picture -- what turns good to evil -- it can threaten to overwhelm.

Panel 4: A fancy office. The gangsters show a briefcase full of money to a greedy businessman type. He looks delighted.

SHADOW (CAP): The machinations of this world can crush upon those who seek to do good, but fall with apathy and regret before those who truly turn the wheels. And they cannot, within reason, be blamed...

Panel 5: The businessman from before, in his office, behind his desk, prepares to light a fat cigar. It is now dark.

SHADOW (CAP): Because who knows where to even begin?

Panel 6: Same as above, but now the businessman lights a match for his cigar, illuminating the Shadow behind him.

SHADOW (CAP): The Shadow knows.


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  1. Great use of the tag line in that last panel. It's really easy for that line to be used in a cheesy way but you've avoided that well. Cool page JD.


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