Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Simpsons – Revenge of the Treehouse of Horror! – MK Stangeland Jr.

(7 Panels)

PANEL 1: MARGE, LISA, BART, and MAGGIE are at the kitchen table, with BART and LISA at the table, MAGGIE in her high-chair, and MARGE standing over them.

MARGE: So do you kids have any plans for Halloween eve? Maybe telling ghost stories in the tree house?

BART: Aw Mom, telling tree house ghost stories is so 1990s.

PANEL 2: Exterior, outside the kitchen. The Simpsons backyard treehouse should be visible.

LISA: (From Inside) These days we all tell ghost stories over social media. Like Twitter.

PANEL 3: Center view on the TREEHOUSE. It looks saddened.

PANEL 4: Same as PANEL 3, but the TREEHOUSE has shifted from sad to angry.

PANEL 5: The tree with the TREEHOUSE in it picks itself out of the ground, its trunk splitting far enough down to basically form two legs and its branches forming something resembling arms – the TREEHOUSE should effectively form its face/head. The entirety of it all should effectively form a TREEHOUSE MONSTER.




SFX: rumblrumbl

PANEL 6: Interior of the kitchen. The TREEHOUSE MONSTER rips the kitchen wall off towards outside.


TREEHOUSE MONSTER (2): Abandon me, will you!?

MARGE: Eeek!

BART & LISA: AAAAH! Treehouse of Horror!

PANEL 7: TREEHOUSE MONSTER tries to squeeze its way into the kitchen. BART, LISA, and MARGE rush out of the kitchen, with MARGE carrying MAGGIE.

TREEHOUSE MONSTER: I’ll show you a treehouse of horror!



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  1. Enjoyed this one MK :) Could picture it easily for the cartoon (even though it's a comic script).

    I think the last line might have hit better if Bart and Lisa didn't say Treehouse of Horror before it.


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