Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Boomerang – The Big Leagues – MK Stangeland Jr.

(7 Panels)

PANEL 1: Areal view of a baseball field, either that of the New York Yankees or the New York Mets.

ANNOUNCER (1): (Off panel) Welcome back, fans, to what has been a game unlike any I’ve seen before.

ANNOUNCER (2): (Off panel) This, baseball fans, is how rivalries are born, as we watch what are no doubt two of the greatest pitchers in the league today battling it out.

PANEL 2: Split panel, showing a single individual in each half. In on half is BEN POINDEXTER – BULLSEYE – but dressed a member of the NEW YORK YANKEES instead of as a supervillain. In the other is FRED MYERS – BOOMERANG – dressed up in a NEW YORK METS uniform.

ANNOUNCER (1): (Off panel, in BEN POINDEXTER half) This as we watch Ben “Bullseye” Poindexter of the Yankees…

ANNOUNCER (2): (Off panel, in FRED MYERS half) …duke it out against Fred Myers and his Mets.

PANEL 3: BEN POINDEXTER is on the pitchers mound. He throws a pitch.

PANEL 4: BEN POINDEXTER’s pitch flies near FRED MYERS head. MYERS leans back to avoid the ball, but a ‘ghost’ image of MYERS original position makes it clear that while the ball came close to MYERS head, it was never in danger of actually hitting him.


ANNOUNCER: This is a showdown that led to some questionable plays by both men.

PANEL 5: FRED MYERS points his bat at BEN POINDEXTER (off panel) with a ‘I’m coming for you’ or ‘I’m hitting it right there’ look.

 PANEL 6: The ball flies past BEN POINDEXTER on the pitchers mound in a mirror of PANEL 4. POINDEXTER leans back to avoid the ball as it flies near him, but the ‘ghost’ of where he was originally standing makes it clear he wasn’t in danger of actually getting hit.

ANNOUNCER: And kept officials on their toes!

PANEL 7: Image of the crowd as they’re watching the showdown intensely.

ANNOUNCER: I can tell you one thing, though – the crowds are eating this right up!


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