Monday, November 18, 2013

Doc Unknown - The Hunt - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Doc Unknown stands in the entrance way of a house.  He looks awestruck.  It's a fine looking room, with doorways leading off to other rooms and a nice big staircase heading upstairs (among any amount of details implying the room to be nice and well put together that you'd like).

DOC UNKNOWN (quietly): This is gorgeous.

2 - Doc Unknown is now in the bedroom.  It's a good size, with a beautiful four post bed, along with a match drawer / dresser / armoire set.  The bedroom window lets in some beams of light that make the whole room look even more impressive.  Doc wears a big grin, his hands on his hips.

DOC UNKNOWN (quietly): Love that early morning light.

3 - Doc Unknown is now in the bathroom.  It is equally nice.  The shower is on, creating some steam.  Doc has a sleeve rolled up and his glove off, reaching into the shower to feel the water.

SFX: pssssh!

DOC UNKNOWN (quietly): Good water pressure.

4 - Doc Unknown has moved to the kitchen.  It's well stocked, with a dandy looking oven / stove, a nice icebox, some excellent counters, and the like.  He is once again happy with what he sees, letting out an appreciative whistle.


5 - Doc Unknown is now in the living room / parlour.  There's some couches for sitting and tables for cards games or whatever.  Doc Unknown is pleased as punch, one hand stroking his chin pensively.

DOC UNKNOWN: I think this could work...

6 - Repeat panel 5, but pull out slightly to reveal that Doc Unknown is not alone in the room.  Doc turns in surprise / embarassment to see Detective Williams (from issue #1 - natch) standing behind him.  Williams looks mighty confused at Doc's actions.  Behind the two men, we can also see some unconscious, tied-up goons who Doc has clearly tussled with earlier (thus explaining what they are doing here).




7 - Switch scenes completely to Helen and Warren's apartment (they've moved in together).  Helen sits on a chair, noticeably pregnant.  Warren is recently back, still wearing most of his Doc Unknown getup (although he holds his goggles in his hands).  Helen looks annoyed and resolute.  Warren is on his knees, begging desperately.  Let's throw in some boxes in the background to imply they're in the process of moving.

HELEN: For the last time, we're not moving into a crime scene!

DOC UNKNOWN: But this one's so nice!


  1. Bwa-hahahaha!! Sounds like apartment hunting, eh, guys? Who's with me?

    Seriously, this is IMHO one of the funniest things you've written. You perfectly mesh the mundane and the absurd. This is a smart and well paced script. Kudos, sir.

  2. But does she even know what KIND of crime took place at that scene?


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