Thursday, November 21, 2013

Doc Unknown - The Question - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: One of Gate City's dark alleyways, view from above. The TARDIS stands in the corner, with the Doctor (11th) and Clara standing over a dead body in the middle.

DOCTOR: This is wrong.

Panel 2: Looking up now, as the Doctor kneels over the body, studying it. Clara stands behind him, unnerved.

CLARA: No kidding.

DOCTOR: No, no, not just "wrong" wrong; "incorrect" wrong. "Out of place" wrong. "Anachronistic" wrong. "Pocket-calculator-in-the-Stone-Age" wrong.

Panel 3: From above again. A shadowy figure now watches them.

DOCTOR: This man was killed by a concentrated particle energy weapon. Completely unlikely in this time.

CLARA: Well, you know how he was killed, it's why that's the--

Panel 4: Doc Unknown leaps from the shadows and lands just in front of them.

DOC UNKNOWN: Don't move!

Panel 5: The Doctor and Clara stand with their hands up (The Doctor's comically far above his head). Doc Unknown points at them aggressively.

DOC UNKNOWN: Nobody gets away with murder in my town, or my name's not Doc Unknown!

Panel 6: Two-shot of the Doctor and Clara. The Doctor wrinkles his nose.

DOCTOR: Doc who?


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  1. I sense the seeds of a 'Who's on first' routine starting up at the end there.


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